We are back to playing golf in New York State and many other states are following suit. This is good news for the industry in all aspects, especially revenue! Now it’s up to golfers to follow the rules. Simply put—STAY PHYSICALLY DISTANT! By now you know what that means. If not, you haven’t been paying attention, so ask for a fellow golfer because I’m not going to waste space here. 

I lied. I’m going to address the issue of golf carts. I believe they should not be used at all, even for single riders. Why? It invites the opportunity to break the rules.  It’s that simple. I know that eliminates the opportunity for some people to play due to topography or physical limitations, but these are not normal times. It’s not fair. Life isn’t, especially during this pandemic. It will pass, who knows when, but it will pass. 


I am looking forward to The Match between Tiger Woods/Peyton Manning vs. Phil Mickelson/Tom Brady that will be taking place next month somewhere in Florida. The ratings will be high since it will be the first live major-like sporting event since sports was shutdown due to the pandemic. The original Match between Phil and Tiger caught everybody’s attention due to the winner takes all 10 Million prize and wagering. I hope this has some wagering again, especially between the two QB’s. As far as my pick, I’ll take Tiger and Peyton. 


—One of our sponsors, Woods To Wedges (equipment show inside Werhle Dome), is offering curbside service. That means you can buy that new Callaway Mavrik driver from a local shop and a great one at that. Learn more at or call them 632-3021. They will resume fitting appointments when restrictions are lifted following May 15,

—If you’re interested in joining a country club, you can make contact for a virtual meeting and explore the opportunities during this peculiar time. 

—We switched to Callaway Golf this year on Tee 2 Green and the early results have been pleasing. The Mavrik line of clubs and Chrome Soft Golf balls are excellent and we look forward to providing you more feedback from us via our media channels as the season progresses. 

—I’m excited that the PGA Tour has a new schedule out and look forward to getting back on the course to announce the action. The first 4 events will not have fans which to me is the correct call. That decision couldn’t have been easy given the financial ramifications to everyone involved, so I applaud the tournaments that said okay.  I do not have any hesitation to travel to a tournament, as I am confident that the necessary precautions will be taken by the tournament, and by me. 

—Be sure to check out our YouTube Channel for past content and something we started called Tee2Green Extra. 

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