The Travelers Championship always seems to deliver great moments on the final day of competition. I’ve witnessed Jim Furyk’s 58 there, and Jordan Spieth’s hole out from the front bunker to beat Daniel Berger in a playoff. This year, the excitement came from an unknown players that finished tied for second. 

Zack Sucher is no longer unknown after what he accomplished at The Travelers. The 32 year old was playing on a sponsors’ exemption and needed a great performance to help him retain his playing status on the PGA Tour. He missed nearly two years due to ankle and knee injuries and had just three events left (including The Travlevlers) to earn 347 Fed Ex cup points to retain his card. Sucher shared the 36 hole lead and tore up the front nine Saturday afternoon for a 6 shot lead. But then disaster struck. 

He hit a toe-hook with driver at ten that headed towards a tree. It resulted in bogey. His tee shot on the par 3 11th ended up under the lip of a green side bunker and took two shots to escape, and a double bogey. The same thing happened with his tee ball on the par 4 12th, making his second shot difficult. It ended up left of the bunker and his attempt to flop the ball onto the green ended up in the greenside bunker, resulting in another double bogey. He dropped 5 shots in three holes and lost a lead he would never regain. However, all was not lost. 

He was under the radar Sunday as he attempted to have finish strong. He entered the 18th tee box with a share for 2nd place thanks to a birdie at the 17th. His second shot ended up hole high right, but in the thick rough. He duffed the third shot, leaving a chip from the rough atop the greenside bunker. He looked stunned as he quickly took his stance to play his fourth. The shot had a whole lot riding on it and he looked like a player who couldn’t wait to get it over with. Looks are deceiving at times. He took one look at the hole and struck a soft chip that landed on the green and rolled to the cup and disappeared in the bottoms. It was a thrilling par and one worth everything to Sucher. 

The chip in helped him finish T2 and earn a whole bunch of FedEx points. He needs 77 in his next two events to keep his card. Sucher said afterwards he was wasn’t sure about how all of the points worked, but indicated that the amount of money he won for finishing T2 will pay off the debt he wracked up while being injured. The money would go a long way to putting his family back on track. It was a real moment, and I bet Sucher earned a ton of fans from his attitude and performance. 


I recently went to Top Golf with the PGA Tour Radio Team for fun night out. I had been to one before, but that was for a charity benefit and I didn’t even touch a club so this would be my first real experience at one of their venues. For those unfamiliar, it’s basically a driving range with table service at your bay with Trackman following your golf ball as it heads towards targets. You gain points by the area of target you hit, like a dartboard. 

Dennis Paulson, former winner on the PGA Tour, was part of our group and I had never swung a club in front of him. DP is a great dude, but I was a little nervous. I wanted to impress him. I came away impressed as he diagnosed a slight change I needed to make to have my ball eliminate the slight fade and hold my target line. It worked immediately and continues to work when I remember to due it correctly. What was the recommendation? I’m not going to tell you specifically, but it has to do with my downswing. Thanks DP!

As for Top Golf, it was pretty cool. I am generally not a range rat, but the game portion of it was engaging and made it fun. I would definitely go again, but eat before. 


-I recently had to wear a “clean” polo for a video shoot. This was a challenge. I own rouglhly 40 golf shirts (okay, maybe 50), but most if not all have a tournament logo of some sort. It turns out I found 3 shirts without a logo, a real first world problem. I’m writing not to brag, but to encourage you to take stock. How many golf shirts do you have? How many are logo free? You can leave your answers in the comments section here or on social media platforms. 

-If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out our YouTube Channel here. We have our par 3 challenges up there and will be putting more contact up there in the weeks/months/years to come. 

-The shoes I’m wearing in the most recent par 3 challenge, Duca Del Cosma, are absolutely fantastic. I was contacted by the company to see if we would like to try their shoes out. I had to wait until things dried out here (has it yet?) before I gave them a test run on the golf course. They’re too nice in my opinion to use in muddy, wet conditions although they are made to handle it. These shoes are well made, soft leather, and super comfortable. They are also very stable when striking golf shots. Check out all of their styles, including the shoes I wear on the street more than the course, at their website These shoes are worth it!

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  1. Pat Kerrigan

    I counted my golf shirts last week and stopped at 125! Still had more to count ,but, I didn”t want my wife to know I have more shirts than she has shoes.
    I would guess 75-80% have a logo on them as I love visiting golf shops everywhere I go.

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