I went to the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando excited to learn, see, and test the new equipment and products introduced and on display at the show. I couldn’t wait to test out drivers, irons, putters, gadgets, tools, training aids, and see all of the new fashions. I did all of that and you can check out some of the product interviews and features on our youtube channel . 

There will be more to come on that channel too. The show floor was a lot of ground to cover, nearly three football fields. It was also the day following a six hour stint at the windy and action packed demo day at Orange County National. It was a lot of walking and time on my feet. I was looking for a place to sit down and stumbled upon a small booth with models of feet wearing socks. I stopped and struck up a conversation with the owner Andrew Liu. He started to explain to me the technology behind his GERMAPRO socks. His company is new to the market. I had never heard of his company, but I had heard of the competitor that was right next door to him. After a brief conversation, I asked if I could have a pair to try. He did one better. He gave me a pair and insisted I put them on immediately to test out the rest of the day. It was 11:00 am and I had full day and evening of being on my feet, so I figured it couldn’t hurt. Andrew told me my feet wouldn’t hurt, that the grooves designed into the socks would gentle work my foot and the moisture wicking technology would eliminate sweat. (learn about it here).

Was I skeptical? A little. Could a sock with strategic grooves and different material make that much of a difference? The answer is yes! My feet not only didn’t hurt after another 8 hours, they felt great! I’m serious, my feet felt no worse for the wear. So much so I wrote this post to let you know about the great product. I asked Andrew where I could find more of his product since he seemed to be wholesale to stores. He sent me the link where you can find them on Amazon. The link is with the picture below and I encourage you to give them a try. They are worth it. Tee 2 Green Club Members will also have a chance to win a pair very soon in our next giveaway.

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